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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this afternoon. right now it is definitely cooler and cloudy and cooler in center city. the radar shows steadiest rainfall has pushed into new jersey. umbrella still needed in delaware and in pennsylvania. you can see in burlington county some of the steady rainfall in upper burlington county and that is going to be heading to the east and continue to move and make its way into ocean county first thing this morning. pemberton is seeing some of that steadier, heavier rainfall right now. a cool cloudy and rainy start. 8:00 this morning, still some showers in the area. but by 11:00, there may just be a few sprinkles around in parts of the area. most of the area will be rain-free at that time and then mostly cloudy and just 72 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. we will stay cooler than it's been lately. your neighbor-by-neighborhood forecast is coming up.
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jessica, a rainy start this morning. >> it is. it's causing fuf problemsquite a few problems. acket you can see now it's over into the shoulder. not a lot of volume moving through the area because that is the northbound side. typically we see the volume in the morning hours is southbound. you can see that reflected here and all headlights on and misty roadways and ponding in the area as well so give yourself extra time when heading out the door. on the blue route drive times doing okay. we are still watching that water main break in philadelphia will 5th 52nd is closed in both directs. take market street to get on through. charleston, south carolina, breaking news. they say a white man opened fire in a historic african-american church. nine were killed.
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>> a church community is mourning their deaths as authorities, including the fbi, are searching for the shooter. authorities are giving a briefing right now. let's listen. >> communication process is in place. same information that you have has been broadcast to law enforcement, at the local, state, and federal level, all across the united states. >> can you talk about the specifics on the suspect? [ inaudible ]. >> well, obviously at this point we want everybody to be vigilant and if they see anything suspicious we want them to call us. right now we have got teams of investigators, we have uniformed officers we have fbi agents all over the city. and along with our local law enforcement partners. so we will be looking for this individual and like everyone else this is all hands-on deck effort with the community, as well as law enforcement. i think with that effort we
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will find this person quickly. [ inaudible question ] >> what i'm telling you when people go out, they should be vigilant and aware of their surroundings and if they see anything suspicious they should call law enforcement. >> what is the reward? >> we will announce that at 7:00. >> what type of make and molgeddel? >> i'm not giving a make and model at this point because that would be inappropriate. we want people to look at this vehicle and if they see one that matches that description to call law enforcement. thank you very much. we will be back at 7:00. >> charleston police chief giving us an update to tell people to be vigilant. another update at 7:00. right now katy zachry is monitoring the developments all morning and live in our digit operations center. >> i was listening to the press conference also. i got some information ahead of when we dipped into it live. charleston police chief mullin says they do have surveillance video of who they believe the
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suspect is as well as the suspect's vehicle. we are working right now to turn that and get that to you. they describe the suspect as armed and dangerous and they say they need the public's help in finding him. he is described as a man in his early 20s, a white man with sandy blond hair standing 5'9". last night police say he stormed the emanuel ame church at 9:00 p.m. as a prayer service was under way. he killed eight inside that church and two rushed to the hospital and one died at a later time. the suspect did get away. here is what chief mullin said about the moments after the massacre. >> this was a very chaotic scene. when we arrived, we had a lot of moving parts. we were tracking this individual with canines and we were making sure he was not tht area to commit other crimes. >> reporter: one of the church's senior pastors, the head of the church the main pastor who you are looking right now, clementa
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pinckney was killed in the gunfire. he served as state senator for south carolina and leaves behind a wife and two daughters. there was much more from that press conference and we are working to get you that information, as well as surveillance video who charleston police believe is the suspect's vehicle and the suspect. more 234 n25 minutes. >> that suspect could be anywhere. we will continue to bring information with you. stay with us for continuing coverage. we will have updates every 15 minutes and check the nbc10 news app for the latest information. overnight a crash involving six cars on i-95 in chester sent several people to the hospital with one in critical condition right now. the pileup happened around 11:30 last night near ninth street. police say a tire from the crash flew into the southbound lane and hitting a car but that driver wasn't hurt. a dover police corporal will
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stand trial for alleged assault caught on camera. >> get on the [ bleep ] ground! get on the [ bleep ] ground! >> the case against dover corporal thomas webster is expected to go to court in late november. last month, police released this dash cam video from 2013 and appears to show web sister kicking a man in the face while the man was on his hands and knees. webster has pleaded not guilty. we have new information in the murder of a woman allegedly committed by her daughter's boiver boyfriend in the military. the d.a. will not seek a death penalty against barnes. he is accused of conspiring with 14-year-old jamie savonik to kill her mother. the teen charged as an adult. the victim was stabbed to death in the driveway of her home near allentown in march. ba
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a philadelphia mother is pleading for help in finding the person who murdered her daughter. the body of brittany green was found inside a home on warknock street in logan on tuesday morning. mother was stabbed to death and investigators are looking for her boyfriend gerald hall. detectives say he was seen leaving the house with green's ebltr(t&háhp &hc . please. >> detectives say that hall took the children to his mother's house where he confessed to the crime and then he took off. they say it was hall's mother ah who called police about brittany green's murder. today in wilmington the city council will consider williams plan to hire four new police administrators. he suggested two inform inspectors and two civilians. his proposal is part of a restructuring plan to put police in touch with the community to try to reduce violence in the city. we want to update on a home invasion in delaware county. tyry manziel is on the loose. he is identified as the fourth suspect in this crime and other three are under arrest.
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they include his brother and another person is accused in the case is a minor. investigators say the four suspects broke through the front door of a home on monday afternoon. they said the intruders pistol-whipped a 17-year-old and forced the mother to open the safe. the detectives believe the suspects targeted the victims before the crime. 8:00 after 6:00. a rainy cool start this morning. we are tracking showers that are moving through and steady right now. but they are not going to be steady all day. we will get breaks in the rainfall. just some scattered showers possible this afternoon. and this evening, we could see some thunderstorms in the area. this weekend, 50/50. one day will be dry and another will be damp. right now, allentown, northeast philadelphia and atlantic city seeing temperatures in the middle 60s. very uniform temperatures and
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rain too. you can see the rain is still coming down. cape may, a live view there from the lafayette hotel. not much of a beach day certainly to start with. but the temperatures will be climbing and we will see some breaks of sunshine as we go into the afternoon. right now that's light rain in philadelphia. pemberton is seeing some of the steadier rainfall now and continues to move east and so what you see to the west is what is on the way. that is much lighter rainfall and then it takes a break. just some scattered showers in the harrisburgb pennsylvania. that's our possibility of scattered showers for the afternoon. cooler day today. 64 in the pocono mountains. 70s allentown and quaker town and reading. a chance you'll need your umbrella for this afternoon but most of the afternoon is dry. clouds around much cooler today. low 70s for parts of the area. upper 70s for rehoboth and more likely to see sunshine there too. 80 in dover. stuck in the 70s for wilmington
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swedes borough and philadelphia with steady rain breaking for limited sunshine this afternoon. look at that weekend forecast when i come back in ten. bill says it's not a beach day and certainly no day at the beach when you sit in traffic right now. >> with headlights on. jessica? >> 95 is hitting rush hour a little bit early this morning. an accident in the northbound side. right around academy road. pushed over into the shoulder. traffic slow but not seeing where the volume is. southbound side which we normally do but it's early and much heavier than normal so far this morning. 23-minute trip from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. we are watching an accident on 495 on southbound side between claymount and edge more. police involved in there as well. deptford, new jersey downed pole. so route 47 take 55 or the
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black horse pike to get by the area for now. we continue to follow breaking news of that church massacre in south carolina. nine people are dead. a manhunt for the shooter is under way. there was a strong context between emanuel ame church in charleston and the one in philadelphia. monique braxton will speak to the pastor about the charleston shooting coming up. the big change to u.s. money coming to the 10 dollar bill. inspired to bring history back to life in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice nearly a century ago. i'm matt delucia and i'll have that story next.
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about a quarter past sixth thursday morning. new pictures of the suspect and the get-away car used in a church massacre in south carolina. this is the man police are looking for in the deadly shooting. they say the gunman opened fire on a prayer meeting in a historic african-american church in charleston. nine people were killed. authorities are calling this a hate crime and we will have another update on this breaking news coming up in about 15 minutes. 6:15. a state lawmaker today will host a free veterans fair in east lansdowne county. the fair is scheduled for the east lansdowne borough hall today from 11:00 until 2:00. new this morning digging through time. a philadelphia man is on a mission to find the heroes and fellow alumni of roman catholic high school who fought and died in world war i. he says it's about honor and
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about brotherhood. matt delucia is live at the high school in center city. why now dodge, matt? >> reporter: the man behind this went to roman catholic and three years ago he read a book about world war i soldiers and when he got the inspiration to dig through time and the past and start a side project that has really been been both a challenge and a reward. >> this was headline news. >> reporter: there's a story that is forgotten until now. chris gibbons is determined to bring that history back. >> it's not only the names. it's the stories and not only those who died but the stories of those who fought in world war i and survived. >> reporter: even when he went to school here in the late '70s, chris wondered why there was a memorial plaque for those who died in world war ii the korean world, and vietnam, but not world war i. so he start going through roman catholic's archives. >> we found a reference in the
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1919 yearbook that two had died edward kelly and raymond huml. those are the first two names we found. >> then three. then four. now he is up to 12 and still going. before long he got that long waited plaque on the wall with new names being added as they are found. he believes every school should do the same. no matter the war, those alumni who died deserve to be honored. >> they are very interested in the search. >> reporter: why do you think that is the case? >> i think they feel they serve a connection with all of those guys although many graduated a hundred years ago or even longer than that. one of the mottos here at the school is that we are brothers for life and despite the fact that those guys, you know graduated over a hundred years ago, they are star brothers. >> reporter: they are finding links between past alumni and
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students of our time. just recently finding the great grandson of one of those world war i alumni just graduated this year. how about that? live in center city matt delucia, nbc10 news. time to get a check now on the roads. >> jessica boyington is watching the roads. where are you watching right new? >> tracy, we are seeing rain mess with a lot of different roads this morning and 95 around academy road. earlier accident cleared out of the way. northbound side. southbound from wood haven road vine street expressway volume you'll see headed toward the center city area. watching an accident on 495, southbound side with injuries involved. police activity on the scene there. use caution traveling through claymont and edge more. montgomery county another crash here at pike avenue to watch out for.
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the turnpike roads wet but everything moving along just fine 23 minutes. just getting word of an accident on 95 right around curl street on the northbound side and i'll have a live shot of that coming up. 19 minutes after 6:00. temperatures in the 60s. rain still coming down. citizens bank park a rainy start. the rain in the parking lot this morning, look at that. rainy start but i think they will get the ball game in this afternoon. right now 66 degrees and rain for reading. philadelphia and wilmington seeing rain and 66 degrees. this is the view from the home of the blue rocks. not a game today. good thing to start with it's rainy. we have got breaks of sunshine in delaware. breaks in the rainfall in the dover area. steady rainfall has moved through philadelphia and now in burlington county and pemberton
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seeing the rainfall. it's all moving to the east. so this is the rain that we have seen since we went on the air first thing at 4:00 this morning. this is coming our way later today. just scattered showers. this evening, a chance of a thunderstorm. this weekend, more rain. this is bill the remnants of tropical storm bill will be impacting your sunday. now just a tropical depression. you see the spin in the atmosphere. winds will wind down but the rain will stay suspended in the atmosphere so sunday is looking damp. this morning, steady rainfall. still light rain showers at 9:00 and south jersey and tapering off for lehigh valley. at 11:00 a few light showers for most of the area. it will be drying out at that hour. and we may even see some limited sunshine breaking through the clouds. but we are not going to see much sunshine today. during the afternoon and evening hours, we will be watching more wet weather moving in from the west. this will give us a chance of
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some thunderstorms later today. most of the day, cloudy. mostly cloudy skies. seventh today. near 90 degrees tomorrow. a bit cooler on sat but here comes the rain. possibly thunderstorms for sunday. that will keep us in the middle 80s sunday afternoon. monday 91 and near 90 for tuesday and wednesday. patco is moving up with the times. you can now use plastic to get paper. we will explain. don't forget about this offer. free money. nbc10 and nbc universal giving away money to local nonprofits part of a project called 21st century solutions to complement new and creative solutions to community problems. you can apply on our website at deadline is july 3rd.
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breaking news in delaware county. a fire at a seafood market in sharon hill. the fire was reported just after 5:00 this morning and crews now have it under control as you can see, there are no reports of anyone being hurt. investigators will be looking for the cause of this fire. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. 95 around curlin street a multivehicle accident on the northbound side. you can see a massive backup behind that scene. the southbound lanes as well head nothing the center city area. up to 30-minute delay and pretty early for that this morning. the rain is affecting our morning commute. first we send it on over to bill henley to get a check on how the rain is affecting the rest of
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your day. >> it's not really messing with the commute at the beach. one car on beach avenue! live view from the lafayette hotel. look at the rain coming down. not a beach morning certainly. it won't be an all-day rainfall is the good news. you certainly need the windshield wipers and umbrellas this morning. look at the rain streaming across cape may. a chance of showers later today. temperatures in the 60s and currently 67 at nbc10. breaking news. nine people dead after a gunman's massacre inside a historic south carolina church. nbc10's katy zachry is live in the digital operations center. >> reporter: the police chief in charleston just wrapped up a press conference and released a picture of the suspect. i'll have that for you in a few minutes. i'm monique braxton live inside mother breathleethel ame church.
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we will talk to a pastor who lost a friend and fellow pastor in that massacre in south carolina.
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we are following breaking news. the search is on for a killer and a community is mourning the loss of nine people. we have details on the south carolina church massacre. we are off to a rainy start this morning. but there is always a silver lining and here it is. wet weather is not an all-day affair. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today," i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the rain with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> steady rainfall will be tapering off. the cooler temperatures will be be be all-day affair food. 65 in philadelphia. the rain is still coming down in
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philadelphia, delaware and south jersey. heavier rainfall moving into ocean county. it's just light rainfall for new castle county and salem and cumberland counties this morning. clouds will break for some sunshine but not much. look at that. 72 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. let's see how the rain is slowing things down on the roads with jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> thank you bill. good morning, everybody! 95 around curlin street dealing with a multivehicle accident and taking out the left-hand lane. police activity on the scene. northbound side. you can see brake lights behind that. southbound side not doing too much better. major jam so far and definitely early for that this morning. possibly due to the wet conditions. out in woolwich township in new jersey an accident on northbound on the turnpike exit 2 blocking the left-hand lane. lower salford in montgomery
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county another crash there. no daze related to weather at the philadelphia international airport. we will definitely keep you updated if that isn't the case later on this morning. we continue to follow that breaking news out of charleston south carolina. we just got these pictures just a few minutes aing of the suspected shooter and the get-away car that police are searching for in connection to a deadly shooting at a church. nine people were killed in the shooting. right now, the suspect is still on the loose and authorities say the man opened fire at the emanuel ame church around 9:00 lat last night. katy zachry is following new developments. >> reporter: we are going to give you a closer look in a second of who they believe -- of who police believe the suspect is and get-away car. here is the man police are looking for. in his early 20s and 5'9" and
6:33 am
sandy blond hair and a bowl cut as you can see pretty distinctly there. charleston police say he walked into emanuel ame church in the heart of the historic district there around 9:00 and opened fire during a prayer service. nine people were killed including the church's pastor. police also have surveillance video of what they believe is the suspect's car. a dark colored sedan. investigators are still working to identify the make and model of that car. >> this is a very dangerous and extremely dangerous individual and we need the public's assistance to identify him as quickly as possible. >> new information in on this every few minutes. another press conference scheduled a half hour from now and we expect to learn about a reward offered for information leading to the suspect. we will keep you posted. reporting live in the digital
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operations center katy zachry nbc10 news. monique braxton is live in queen village with reaction from the historic mother bethel ame church. this is a deeply personal and spiritual connection here monique. >> reporter: that's right. this is the country's first african-american methodist e business cal church. the pastor here is a close friend of the pastor who lost his life in south carolina. your heart is grieving reverend tyler? >> yeah. it's been a rough night between shock and disbelief and really the tears. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: share with us a little bit about reverend pinckney. >> reverend pinckney was an outstanding state senator. i think he served in the house in south carolina first and really was a rising star in the democratic party and only in his early 40s, so there is no telling where he could have gone. as pastor, he was delegate andiligent
6:35 am
and had a lot of vision and a very good person. >> reporter: you plan to travel to south carolina. what do you begin to say or think about as word of inspiration? because so many churches not just the ame church gather at their place of worship on wednesday nights for prayer. who would think a gunman would walk in and open fire? >> unfortunately, it's a sign of the time. but i just communicated to my members and updating them and briefing them on what is going on and filling them in. what i left them with this is. that mother emanuel is named after the word emanuel from the old testament that reminds us that god is bus. even in time of tragedy when it does not seem like god is there that god is indeed with us. so i hold on to that hope. >> reporter: your church plans to reach out to the members there. you're going to south carolina with a message? >> yeah. first of all we actually have members here with the same last name and spelling with reverend pinckney which is an unusual spelling. we believe there is family
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relation there. so, again, this is family. we are connected whether philadelphia, south carolina that bond is so extremely tight. when i go there i go caring the folks from here with me. >> reporter: nine people lost their lives. we are going to continue to monitor developments in south carolina with reverend mark tyler and have more for you in about 25 minutes. live from queen village, monique braxton, nbc10. >> we will expect to learn more about the other eight victims and the suspect. a manhunt now for him. stay with us for continuing coverage. you can also check the nbc10 news app for the latest information. time is 6:36. happening today appeals court in philadelphia will hear argument on whether to reinstate the murder conviction of a man whose daughter died in a fire. officials freed han tack lee from prison last year after serving 24 years. this came about after a judge ruled the arson science used to convict lee was flawed.
6:37 am
prosecutors say lee set a fire at a religious camp in the poconos in 1989. the fire killed his mentally ill daughter and police say the fire was accidental. police say a victim was attacked at a bus stop in southwest philadelphia. they say a strange pulled her into a driveway and sexually assaulted her there. police who wait at the same bus stop tell us their certain concern for their safety. >> that's devastating. that's devastating. this makes me think if i go outside, i could be next. i hope they catch him. i hope they catch him, whoever he is, i hope he gets caught for doing what he did. >> the attacker got away with the victim's cash, i.d. and debit card. 6:37 and 65 degrees at nbc10. steady rainfall this morning. this morning, rain is going to be tapering off as the morning
6:38 am
progresses. then this afternoon, mostly cloudy with just a chance of some scattered showers. this evening there's a chance of some thunderstorms and we could see thunderstorms this weekend. it will be a 50/50 weekend. dry day and a damp day as well. right now it's certainly starting off damp and a bit foggy in the pocono mountains. 59 degrees for mt. pocono and while rain and 60s for much of the rest of the area. look at the clouds here. not foggy there. just a few spots of fog in the mountains. the temperatures will be climbing into the 70s this afternoon. but we are rain cool this morning in the 60s. light rain now in philadelphia. steadier, heavier rainfall pushed into ocean county in new jersey. look to the west and coming at us during the day. just scattered showers for harrisburg and western pennsylvania and it's this activity that could be here this evening and could lead to some thunderstorm activity. most of the day we will be watching for showers after the
6:39 am
steady rainfall comes to an end. 70s for allentown and reading. along the coast, warmer in rehoboth beach with breaks of sunshine there. 71 for atlantic city. dover up to 80 this afternoon. and it will be close to 80 for wilmington. upper 70s for philadelphia and swedesboro. you won't need your umbrella all day but keep it handy. this weekend? 50/50. dry saturday and potentially rainy and possibly stormy on sunday. the remnants of tropical storm bill impacting sunday especially during the afternoon hours. closer look at that with the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten. jessica said early the volume started probably sooner today because probably of the rain. >> people heading out early to get a head start. >> they are getting backed up earlier than normal as well. 95 still watching multivehicle
6:40 am
accident. lane restrictions there. police activity on the scene. all cars forced on the northbound side to kind of merge into one lane. southbound side still not doing that great as well. over half an hour into the center city area. take a check on 95 in west. drive times there okay and relatively dry in the area as well. no rain falling in the background of our radar here. ten minutes northbound from 295 towards 495 and check in with the problems rain causing problems in new jersey coming up. history in the making. a woman will be the new face of the 10 dollar bill. treasury department wants your suggestions on which woman they should feature. this is the first paper bill to feature a woman in a hundred years. the new bills printed in 2020.
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alexander hamilton is the current face of the 10 dollar billion. a student punished for not attending church and what a volleyball player say happened to her and the alleged penalty that put her education in jeopardy. a college campus is being divided. not by grades. not by age or sex but by walkers, runners, and texters.
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we continue to follow this breaking news. a deadly shoot at a church in charleston south carolina. the police released the pictures of the man they are looking for in the shooting. nine killed. authorities are calling it a hate crime because they say the shooter is white and the church was a historic african-american church. we will have another update in a few minutes. volleyball player is suing delaware state university and her coach because she says the coach retaliated against her when she didn't attend church services with the team. natalie mendeta had been given a full ride scholarship to the university and when she refused to attend her coach's church in dover, she says her relationship with the coach killingsworth
6:46 am
rapidly deteriorated. in december she was told her scholarship would not be renewed. >> in this country, there is the separation of church and state, so at delaware state university, they shouldn't be having church as a requirement. >> a university spokesperson said dell state did not comment on any pending lawsuits. coach killingsworth has since left the university and they say natalie may not be able to return next year without financial assistance of that scholarship. just in. pope francis has released hess much anticipated teaching document on the environment. in it the upon of it declares an urgent need to work together to curb client change. he explains the science of global warming and blames it on industries that harm the poor. he urges catholics and noncatholics alike to take the threat seriously and protect god's creation for future generations. the pope will be making a trip to philadelphia later this year. the world meeting of families will be the final week of september, starting on the 22nd.
6:47 am
the pope arrived in philadelphia weekend of september 26th. count on nbc10 to bring you the latest information on the impact that these big events left field on you-- will have on you and the region. get more on the nbc10 news app. we love this the right lane is the slow lane on highways. >> a college is trying this out. it's a three-lane stairwell at the student center of utah valley university. west lane walkers and middle lane for runners and the right lane for texters. the idea was having a fun decide but students bumping into each other texting on their smartphones, the texting step was born. >> i thought it was funny. >> oops! >> watch him trip! that is funny. >> another stairwell at the school has a calorie counter but the one with the texting lane is
6:48 am
getting the most attention. >> very nice. let's head to new york for a a look what is coming up on "today" show this morning. >> good to see you both. >> good to see you both. straight ahead on "today," we are following the breaking news out of charleston south carolina. overnight as you know a manhunt is now under way after a tragic shooting inside a church there. nine people killed. that community as you might expect is in shock. we are live on the scene and we will have full coverage. also ahead, we are speaking exclusively this morning with the attorney for lyle mitchell who is the husband of the woman accused of helping those inmates break out of prison in upstate new york. he met with his wife on tuesday and police on wednesday. and this morning, we are going to talk to his lawyer about that and his relationship with his wife. a much lighter note a first look at the new book in the "50 shades of grey." it's written from kristen's
6:49 am
perspective. we will talk about that new novel when we see you here on "today" at 7:00 a.m. >> see if one guy in that group and i didn't see a guy in that group there. thank you, matt and savannah. >> it's not really the demographic there. >> okay. i've been hoping to see some sunshine but, so far, it's been a rainy start. we have been tracking steady rain in the area since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. but it's really tapered off in this view looking toward center city at the nbc10 news studios. 66 degrees. a break in the rain in reading and atlantic city getting a break and philadelphia international still seeing rain. it's coming down in south philadelphia. a rainy start at the ballpark but fur fyou're going to the afternoon ball game between the phillies and orioles you'll likely see that game. i think they will get the game in. uniform temperatures thanks for the clouds and rain. nobody is all that chilly this
6:50 am
morning but definitely cooler than lately. the steady rain is slowly, but surely, pushing offshore. our attention turns to what is to the west. this is what we are going to see during the day. just spotty showers. most of the day we will be rain-free. this weekend? saturday will likely be rain-fro. on sunday, with we may have to deal with the remnants of tropical depression bill still impacting part of the south into oklahoma. for us today, 9:00 this morning, some light rain at that hour. really tapers off as we head into the late morning and early afternoon hours. cloud will hang in there. so mostly cloudy day and keep our temperatures cooler. clouds so we could see the temperatures pop up into the upper 70s. a little more sunshine as we get closer to 80. late this afternoon and this evening, could see thunderstorms develop and there's a potential for some strong thunderstorms late this afternoon and during the early evening hours. we will be keeping a close eye on that.
6:51 am
mostly it will be cloudy. showers, occasional showers this afternoon and then this evening that chance of storms. 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. and then well into the 80s tomorrow. upper 80s for friday. break from the rain? we will see a break on saturday. 83 after morning low of 63 degrees. showers, possibly a thunderstorm as the remnants of bill come through on sunday. here comes the heat for monday. 91 degrees. close to 90 tuesday and wednesday. nine before 7:00. patco is up to speed. passengers can buy paper tickets with credit and debit cards. until now the machine only accepted plastic to load rider cars. patco announced the change yesterday. passengers can buy up to nine one way or round trip tickets with a credit or a debit card. you may be driving.
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we want to help you with your morning commute. >> jessica has everything you need to know before you head out the door. >> still battling an accident scene. major volume in both directions on 95 around curlin street. multivehicle accident on the northbound side and taking out the left-hand lane. police activity on the scene trying to get it out of the way for right now. all cars are merging into one lane by this scene and the southbound side not doing too much better. a combination of the wet roadways and extra volume and slowness on the southbound side into the center city area. it's just over half an hour trip so far for the morning. we have several accidents out on the new jersey turnpike. one on the northbound side around exit 2 and another one on the northbound side right around exit 5. they are both taking out the left hand lanes. moving forward into deptford new jersey. earlier accident caused a downed pole and wires and that closed northbound and southbound between 621 and route 47.
6:53 am
take the black horse pike to get around that. there has been a deadly shooting inside a charleston south carolina church. this morning, nine people are dead. the gunman is still on the loose. we have a picture of the suspected shooter and his get-away car. plus after the break, new information about what the suspect said moments after walking into the church.
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@'óñ i'm katy zachry following the newest information from a deadly shooting inside a
6:57 am
charleston, south carolina church. here is a flyer that police released within the last hour showing the suspect and his get-away car. the suspect, a man in his early 20s with sandy blond hair. he entered emanual ame church in the heart of charleston last night and killed nine people including the church's pastor. i just learned when the suspect walked into the church he asked specifically to see the pastor. police in charleston are describing this as a hate crime. a new press conference is about to begin in a few minutes. "today" show will have tongue coverage and we will have more on our nbc10 news app. katiey zachry nbc10 news. i'm monique braxton live inside mother bethel ame. the pastor mark tyler is a personal friend of the minister who lost his life inside the ame church in south carolina.
6:58 am
clementa pinckney was one of the nine killed last night. it's their first church in the south. tyler says pinckney was ga gariousgar gregarious and caring. he will travel to south carolina to monitor the investigation tone assure pinckney's widow, the ame church will take care of his family and to represent parishioners in philadelphia who are from south carolina. the church here mother bethel ame has just completed a security upgrade to protect its parishioners. live inside mother bethel ame church in queen village, monique braxton, nbc10 news. we are seeing a major delay and backup on 95 around curlin street due to multivehicle accident forcing all traffic on
6:59 am
the northbound side to merge into one lane by the scene. if you have to catch a flight at philadelphia international airport you might be late so give yourself extra time so you don't do that. on the airport we are not experiencing any arrival or departure delays so that is definitely good news there. a rainy start this morning. steadiest rainfall has moved into new jersey but it's still coming down in philadelphia. wilmington. and into south vaers. the rain is not going to be an all-day affair. the steady rainfall will break as we go into the late morning hours. right now, it's coming down in central new castle county and streaming right into salem county in new jersey. a cool rainy start. 69 degrees at 8:00. still at 69 degrees at 11:00. might be some spotty showers at the 11:00 hour but as the phillies at that time field this afternoon, i think they will get the ball game in and i don't know if that is a good thing based on how they have been
7:00 am
playing lately. >> oh! >> not me. >> all right. thank you, bill. "today" is up next. we will have local update in 25 minutes. good morning. breaking overnight church massacre. nine people killed when a man walked into a prayer meeting in a charleston south carolina church. authorities looking for this suspect. >> this is a tragedy that no community should have to experience. >> this morning investigators are calling this a hate crime. >> minutea community in ag any and a desperate search for the man responsible. today june 18 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is a special


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